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Preparing to go live with Fox 5 morning television

Galaxy Media and Management is a communications company focusing on press, publicity and promotions within the USA and internationally. If you want to be seen on television, talked about on the radio or read about in traditional or online publications we’re here to help make that happen for you and your product. Our clients are small businesses, entrepreneurs, publishers, authors, filmmakers, personalities, health and wellness products and lifestyle companies.


We help you to identify your audience, create your message and shape a campaign to fit your needs by thinking creatively and strategically. Galaxy Media and Management is a results-based company and our sole focus is to deliver media opportunities that will create client visibility and lead to increased interest in you, your product, or your company and lead to a greater number of sales.


We have been successfully offering our services for over a decade and have strong media connections extending across a number of different markets and industries. Gail Torr, the principal and founder of Galaxy Media and Management, was a television journalist and producer and uses her knowledge of the industry and internal contacts in the creation of media strategy and outreach. Our goal is to shine the light on YOU!

Meet Some of Our Clients

Findhorn Press 

Watkins Books

Mandala TV

Mallika Chopra

 Byron Katie

Space Games Federation

Curtis Rivers

Sonja Grace

 Kristin Grayce McGary



 Debra Silverman

Riz Virk

Lisa K

Carl Greer

 Chef Rossi

Earth Dancer Books

Dianne Bischoff James

Nick Seneca Jankel



We work with clients we believe in and put all our

effort into delivering the best results.

Author Niomi Call discussing her book, Yoga In Bed, on Fox 5 in San Diego
Open the Espys' Award Show 2017 live on ESPN
Gail Torr
Gail Torr

Gail Torr is a leading communications specialist with a background in award-winning television and publishing. As a writer/producer/director for Granada, BBC, Reuters, Fox, Turner and Paramount Television, she created original programming and documentaries and covered a wide-cross section of stories from the LA Fires to the Oscars. As an author representative and book publicist she introduced many European and new American authors to the North American market, building their profiles and creating media opportunities in broadcast, print, and social media, leading to several Amazon bestsellers and increased sales.


Her TV highlights include two years as supervising producer on the UK’s top morning show, This Morning; an award-winning documentary for TNT, The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful; and Hollywood Cops for TLC. 


Gail continues to produce and direct for television while also making her mark in the publishing world representing small business, publishing companies, authors, and personalities. Her clients past and present include Byron Katie, Malika Chopra, Chef Rossi, Debra Silverman, Cosmikids, Space Games Federation, Nick Jankle, Marlise Karlin, Stewart Pearce, Sonja Grace, Lisa K, Naomi Call, Mandala TV, Gary Quinn, Rizwan Virk, Findhorn Press and Watkins Books. 

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