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"Gail Torr has changed my life.  She has precise understanding of my publicity needs and creates a wealth of activity that has landed me on the cover of magazines, featured articles, on camera interviews and more!  I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about taking the next big step in their career."

- Sonja Grace

Author & Mystic Healer

"Gail Torr breaks the mold for publicity.  She has built a vast network of contacts including print, television, radio and social.  Her unique approach begins by spending time getting to know the client and their work.  After a thorough analysis, she will place you with the appropriate media outlets. Given her vast experience, she can also help you design a realistic strategy with specific goals and objectives.  On top of all that, she is a lovely soul."

- Kurt Koontz


"She consistently achieved beneficial publicity for our titles and built strong relationships with relevant media outlets. The bottom line is she had a positive effect on our sales."

- Thierry Bogliolo

Publisher, Findhorn Press

"Gail and her team have great contacts, creative ideas and always do their best to deliver."

- Jon Tintera

Watkins Publishing

VP of Sales & Marketing

"Gail is profoundly effective but also kind, supportive, nurturing and honest. She is everything a writer dreams of having in their life."

- Chef Rossi

"Brilliant insight, extensive skills, and extraordinary connections! When Gail is on your team, it’s like having your own Personal Manager, Publicity Team and CEO wrapped into one loving, lighthearted individual. Thank you Gail, you absolutely exceeded my vision."

- Marlise Karlin

"We are a new company with a new concept and a new product in the integrative medical world. Gail and Holly have helped to develop our entire marketing strategy from product awareness to marketing in both medical and retail world. They have developed not only an excellent social media campaign but have also been very creative in redesigning our website for computer/phone integration as well as designing a wonderful ad campaign that covers not only the usage of the products but also marketing during holiday seasons. WE have been beyond impressed with their professionalism, their creativity, their contacts in holistic/integrative world and of course their marketing ability.  Highly recommend Galaxy Media for your marketing needs."

- Ron Hunt

Aromaid Clips

Gail is a wonderful publicist. She works extremely hard and has extensive contacts and relationships with key decision makers, i.e. producers and editors. With Gail, I was able to get media spots that I'd not be able to get on my own in print and digital media as well as radio. I wanted to increase my fan base and to speak to larger audiences. Gail was able to get me keynote speaking engagements that drew large audiences. Gail also knows what it takes to position you to improve your visibility and desirability both online and in-person with the public. With Gail’s expertise I was able to reach hundreds of thousands of people in my target market that I couldn’t reach otherwise. 

- Lisa K.

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